Foodies Asking Questions

During the years we’ve been in the operation,  our customers usually ask us  similar questions. Here are some of them:

Do you offer vegetarian options?



Absolutely! Our menu may be spicy and meaty, but it never lacks a good salad or two… Besides, we have a selection of vegetarian Enchiladas, Empanadas, and Burritos! Additionally, we can always modify some of our signature dishes to suit your health needs. Just ask your waiter.

We also take this time to advise that we, unfortunately, do not offer any gluten-free options.




What is the max seating capacity of your restaurant?



We have indoor seating, beachside balcony seating and beachfront deck seating. Each section seats 40 persons, 20 persons and 40 persons accordingly. Don’t worry, bring the family and neighbours and we’ll have seats and meals ready for everyone!



Do you offer themed parties hosting?


Sure! You can book our beachside balcony or beachfront deck and host your party there!


Can I bring my pet in?


We love pets! Your furry friends and family are certainly allowed on our beachside balcony and beachfront decks once on a leash and so long as they are not disturbing our other dining guests.


How often do you update your menu?


We do it occasionally. Each new time of the year we add seasonal dishes a few times a year we add themed cuisine. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates.

Do you sell cigarettes at your bar?


No, we offer only beverages there.


Do you offer catering services?


Absolutely! We have catering and event services. You can read more about it in our Services section of the website.


Can you join the tables for me if my party size exceeds 8-guest seats per table?


Sure! But we would appreciate it if you would reserve your table(s) beforehand.


Do you serve breakfast?


We like to sleep in so we are only open for lunch and dinner every day except on Mondays when we are closed.

Do I need to make reservations?


Hmm. a loaded question…but not as loaded as our Loaded Potatoes! Those are the best. But back to your question; on most days a lunch reservation is not required unless you prefer specific seating such as on our beachfront balcony. We love having walk-in guests let us know how they discovered us while walking on the beach.

We would advise though, just to be on the safe side that you do make reservations for dinner as we do play host to weekly specials such as the Chicken Drop and our seats sell like hot cakes (might be adding those to the menu too!).

Do you offer Wifi?


Yes, but the catch is you gotta check in on Facebook to let all your friends know you’re having the best margaritas and tacos in Belize! Just kidding, we do offer wifi to all our guests. Just ask your waiter for the password and try not to giggle at what it is.

Is your place Kid friendly?


Of course! We even have kid-sized sombreros and a kid-sized mariachi cutout you can take pictures in with the little ones!

We’re always updating our FAQ (Foodies Asking Questions) tab so if you have any other questions, please Contact Us and we might feature your questions on our site.