Specials & Services

All things food… Mexican & Caribbean food!

We’re sure that a restaurant can be so much more than just a place to dine or have lunch at!
That’s why, in recent years, we’ve expanded a range of food-related services, which our San Pedro-based restaurant offers. Now our guests not only enjoy delicious food and relaxing views but also get a further taste of Belize at the same time!

From live music to food delivery, all the way to the world famous Chicken Drop nights, dining at Caliente Restaurant is the ultimate culinary Belize experience!

Live Music

Be entertained by a live band playing reggae, soca, punta and even adding a local twist to some familiar numbers you may already know! Don’t be scared to join in on the dancing and fun!

Food Delivery

We offer free food delivery for lunch! Deliveries are done for orders anywhere between the Boca del Rio roundabout and Island City Supermarket.

Chicken Drop

The Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge (right next door) is the most popular organized tourist event on the island! Fair warning: it’s crowded, it’s loud and it’s FUN!